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Monday, 14 October 2019

HOW TO KNOW THE KIND OF BABY IN PREGNANT | Signs of Pregnancy Girls Boys


Guessing the sex of the baby from symptoms that can be seen from the behavior or body shape of pregnant women is sometimes exciting to be more surprised.

Although many assumptions have not been proven scientifically, but the average pregnant woman admits similar things. Regardless of true or not the guess. The most important thing is how pregnant women lead a healthy lifestyle and good pregnancy care so that the baby is born healthy, regardless of sex.

The following are common symptoms that indicate you are having a baby girl:

More beautiful and bright

Maybe you have often heard if a pregnant woman who looks beautiful and bright, it can be presumed she is pregnant with a baby girl.

Yes, in general a pregnant woman who has a baby girl tends to be more happy to pay attention to appearance.

Happy to look beautiful and weight will tend to rise more than when pregnant a boy.

An enlarged abdomen wider

Indeed there is no scientific evidence to confirm this. But based on the experiences experienced by many mothers and grandmothers, when pregnant with a baby girl, pregnant women will tend to be bigger and wider when they contain boys.

A wide and enlarged abdomen usually begins to appear in the sixth month. Pregnant women tend to gain weight almost everywhere. Your hips will swell, so will your thighs and face.

No natural nausea and morning sickness

Nausea and morning sickness are normal symptoms in a pregnancy. But if you don't experience it, besides being lucky, it could be because you are carrying a baby girl.

Some women even stated that they almost did not feel like they were pregnant if it wasn't for a bulging stomach.

Sweet cravings

Do you agree with that? If yes, in fact it has not been studied based on science.

But what is clearly evident, cravings or want a moment of pregnancy is more due to a natural thing from the body that "bills" the intake of certain nutrients that the body feels the intake requires.

If many experience sweet cravings and give birth to baby girls, fetuses could be baby girls need nutrients from sweet foods.

Heart rate

If when carrying out routine pregnancy care and examination routines the doctor records consistently the heart rate of the baby fluctuates from time to time above 140 bpm, then you are most likely to have a baby girl.

The following are common symptoms that indicate that you are pregnant with a baby boy:

More nausea and natural morning sickness

In the pregnancy of a baby girl, more pregnant women who claim like they are not pregnant with a baby because they do not feel nausea or morning sickness. But if it contains a baby boy what happens is the opposite.

Pregnant women who contain male babies are more often claimed to experience nausea and vomiting. The worst morning sickness is experienced in the first trimester. Pregnant women will tend to be indifferent with a messy appearance.

Large belly oval forward

Yes, if when pregnant with a woman, pregnant women tend to experience fat in many limbs, not so when conceiving a baby boy.

The stomach is the same size when carrying a baby girl, but when carrying a baby boy will be more inclined forward. Even when viewed from behind like not being pregnant, because the body tends not to be seen widening.

Weight gain is not much

When pregnant with a baby boy, most pregnant women do not gain weight that is quite drastic.


Unlike when pregnant with a girl. A pregnant woman who is pregnant with a boy tends to be more indifferent to his appearance. This could be due to frequent nausea and vomiting.

Food cravings taste sour

Wanting food is a normal thing for pregnancy. This is a natural way for the body to complete its nutritional needs. Although it has not been scientifically proven, the sour taste that many pregnant women look for when conceiving a baby boy could be because male fetuses replenish nutrients from sour taste foods.


Thursday, 10 October 2019


Job handover is the process of delivering work results that have been completed by the contractor and at the same time the recipient by the project leader / project leader / head of work unit as the project owner.

In accordance with the provisions of the contract, one of the obligations of the service provider is to submit work results in accordance with the schedule for assignment of work that has been determined to the service user. Submission of the first submission of work results can be done by the service provider if the work has been completed 100% (one hundred percent).

For international contracts (ICB-International Competitive Bid ), in accordance with the provisions of article 48.1 GCC Fidic (Red Book ), the request for the first handover can be submitted to the service user if the work has been substantially completed.

Provisions of Article 36 Patch No. 80/2003
  1. After the work is completed 100% (one hundred percent) as stated in the contract, the goods / service provider submits a written request to the user of the goods / service for the first delivery.
  2. Goods / service users make an assessment of the results of work that has been completed, either in part or all of the work, and assign the goods / services provider to repair and or complete the shortage of work as required in the contract
  3. The user of the goods / services receives the final handover of work after the goods / service provider has carried out all their obligations while still maintaining properly and is required to pay the remaining outstanding value of the contract or return the maintenance guarantee.
  4. Providers of goods / services are required to carry out maintenance of the results of work during the period specified in the contract, so that the conditions remain as at the time of the handover of work and can be obtained payment of retention money by handing over maintenance guarantees
  5. The minimum maintenance period for permanent work is 6 (six) months, for semi- permanent work 3 (three) months and the maintenance period can exceed the fiscal year
  6. After the maintenance period ends, the user of the goods / services returns the maintenance guarantee to the goods / service provider.


With respect to job submissions, the relevant parties (Contractors, Technical Directors and PPK / PPTK) and the Employment Appointment Committee (PPHP / PHO) have the following roles and responsibilities;

1. Contractor

The contractor is obliged to report and at the same time submit a written request for handover to the Technical Directors copy to the Owner (PPK)
Contractor responsibilities:
  • Notify the representative's name in writing to the PPK / PPTK
  • To submit a written application to the PPK / PPTK to execute the job submission
  • Preparation of all requirements, documents and materials in the implementation of PPHP
  • Accompany technical directors for preliminary inspection and PPHP implementation
  • Attend PPHP / PHO Committee meetings
  • Receive minutes of inspection from PPHP / PHO Committee
  • Repair defects / damage and deficiencies in the grace period
  • Attend final inspection
  • Receive minutes of first handover
  • Providing maintenance guarantees in the form of a 'on demand' Bank Guarantee in lieu of retention money (if desired)
  • Perform maintenance during the maintenance period
  • Repair damage that was ordered by the field supervisor
  • Carry out additional work ordered by technical directors during both the grace period and the maintenance period
  • Receive minutes of final handover
2. Technical Directors
  • Receive a letter of request for work handover from the contractor
  • After receiving a letter of request for the handover of the work from the contractor, the Technical Directors are required to research the results of the work
  • Based on the results of the study, if it turns out that the work has indeed been completed 100%, notify PPK / PPTK that the completion of the work as a tentative date (temporary) PPHP
  • Accompany the PPHP committee on the implementation of PPHP
  • Attend PPHP Committee meetings
  • Prepares research documents and programs required by PPHP committee
3. Project Leader / Project Section Leader / Head of Work Unit / Head of Regional Apparatus Organization
  • Receive a letter of request for work handover from the contractor
  • After receiving a letter of request for work handover from the contractor, PPK / PPTK, the Head of the Work Unit / Head of Office forms the Job Handover Committee (PPHP / PHO Committee)
  • Receive notification from the Technical Directors, that the work handover can be carried out, including the recommended date of completion of work as a tentative date for PPHP / PHO
  • Based on a notification letter from the Technical Directors, PPTK, the Head of the OPD notified the contractor in writing about the formation and composition of the PPHP / PHO Committee
  • The project leader, PPTK, Kepla OPD notified in writing the PPHP / PHO Committee to hand over the work
  • Confirm / receive the results of inspection of maintenance work by contractor during maintenance period
  • Control the implementation of maintenance work by the contractor during the maintenance period
  • Upon receipt of the contract of maintenance from the contractor (if required), pay contractor a 100% contract value
  • Instruct the contractor to perform additional work, as needed, during the maintenance period
  • After the final handover of work, return the maintenance guarantee and performance guarantee to the contractor.
4. Submission Committee
  • Examine preliminary reports from technical directors about the state of work results in the field and set a tentative (provisional) handover date
  • Form an inspection team which includes: administrative team, testing team, and team visual
  • Conduct administrative, quality and visual tests of work results
  • Conduct discussion of the results of the inspection by the inspection team
  • Establish a list of defects and deficiencies and grace period for completion
  • Set a definitive date for the handover of the work as the date of the handover of the work and at the same time as the start of the maintenance period. If the contractor succeeds in completing the handling of defects and deficiencies within the grace period, then the PPHP / PHO defenitive date is the same as the tentative (temporary) PPHP / PHO date that is recommended by the technical director in the notification letter to the Project leader / Head of Office / PPK first
  • Making PPHP / PHO minutes
  • Report the results of the assessment and minutes of PPHP / PHO / FHO to the project leader / Head of Office / PPK.

3. First Employment Receipt (PPHP) / Temporary Receipt (PHO)

Service providers can submit written requests to technical directors or job directors to hand over temporary work of PPHP / PHO, when the weight of work on work progress (especially the work of the traffic lane, shoulder lanes, and bridge works) has reached 100%. The technical director checks the weight of work progress both in quantity and quality. If there are still shortcomings and do not meet the requirements, then the service provider must repair and complete them first to be submitted again. If everything is acceptable, the technical directors make written recommendations to the work directors and complete the status and date of completion of all work (100%).

First Visit ( First Visit ): The committee PPHP / PHO together with the directors work, service providers and technical directors held a meeting and inspection for the purposes of:
  • Defining agreement on PPHP / PHO procedure to be implemented and temporary agreement on eligibility for implementing PPHP / PHO
  • Team formation visual , quality testing, and administration
  • Drafting a team work plan
  • Examination
  1. Administrative requirements
  2. Achievement of quantity and weight of all work (100%)
  3. Testing the quality of ingredients, processed materials, and work results
  • Establish tentative PPHP / PHO dates
  • The preparation of the plan by each team
Furthermore, the PPHP / PHO Committee will carry out the following activities:
  • Evaluate each team's report
  • Compile a list of defects / deficiencies 
  • Set a grace period
  • Making instructions by the directors of the work to the contractor to resolve the defect / shortage within the agreed period of time
  • Update the tentative date of PPHP / PHO by considering the results of the evaluation and analysis of the remaining minor work that has not been done and the ability of service providers
Second Visit: At the end of the garace period, the PHO / PPHP Committee will conduct a periodic review of the improvement. if the entire defect / defect and defect has been properly repaired, then the PPHP / PHO committee:
  • Making minutes of research results for submission of work
  • Set PPHP / PHO definitive dates (not BA dates)
  • Set the FHO date according to the contract
then ratification of the official PPHP / PHO minutes, complete with calculations for all works that have been completed in accordance with the contract documents.

4. Preservation Time 
The scope of service provider activities during the maintenance period consists of the following activities:
  • Provide equipment and personnel for the purpose of maintaining and maintaining the conditions of work
  • Complete the remaining work that has not been completed (if any) as contained in the minutes of the first handover
  • Carry out all the added work, reconstruction, repair damage or error as instructed by the directors of the work must be done during the maintenance period or no later than 14 days after the end of the maintenance period.
The FHO committee together with the job directors, and service providers hold meetings and field visits to check and identify maintenance work. Furthermore, the PHO Committee evaluates the results of inspections during field visits. If from the evaluation results, the PHO committee can accept the final results of the work, the PHO committee will:
  • Make an official report stating that the service provider has completed the maintenance work during the maintenance period properly and in accordance with the contract
  • States that the final handover can be done
  • Set the FHO date
  • Make a notification letter about the results of the inspection to the directors of the work
The things that need to be considered in the FHO process are:
  • Maintenance / implementation guarantee return (in accordance with the contract)
  • The results of the field inspection by the PPHP AND FHO committee
  • Minutes of FHO by the PPHP / PHO committee
  • Issuance of certificate of completion of work and directors of work


How to Fix Coverage Error Index in Webmaster Tools

 How to Fix Coverage Error Index in Webmaster Tools


How to Overcome Error Index Coverage - Not long ago Google as the owner of the world's largest Search Engine again made a massive update one of which is to renew the Display of Google Search Console or what we usually call Webmaster Tools.

With the renewal of features on Google Webmaster, some of the blog owners have problems with indexing on their blogs, one of which is Error Index Coverage. Then how to overcome it?

If you are a blog owner and have gotten emails like the one below, that means your blog is having problems with the index. I get this email when one of my blogs experiences indexing problems on Google's webmaster.

    New Index coverage issue detected for site https://www.sipituama.com/
    To owner of https://www.sipituama.com/,
    Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 new Index coverage related issue. This means that Index coverage may be negatively affected in Google Search results. We encourage you to fix this issue.

    New issue found:
    Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt

 I got the email notification on February 14, 2018, in essence Google told me that there had been an error in my blog index. Then how do you overcome the error index coverage in Google's webmaster tools?

How to Overcome Error Index Coverage in Webmaster Tools
After I traced it turned out that in the robot.txt section of my blog a blocking occurred which caused the error, then I corrected it by removing some code that blocked crawling, by replacing the "Disallow: / search" code with "Disallow: /" as below robot.txt settings that cause errors on my blog.

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: / search
    Allow: /
    Sitemap: https://www.sipituama.com/sitemap.xml

Then I change to something like this,

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /
    Allow: /
    Sitemap: https://www.sipituama.com/sitemap.xml

That way after a week I check the webmaster tools again if there is still an error in the Index Coverage, and the results are very encouraging as shown below.
How to Overcome Blog Coverage Error Index

Then the conclusion can be drawn from the above error states that in the "/ search" that caused the occurrence of error index coverage so that it will not be indexed by search engines, even though it can be ignored, because it has no impact on your blog. . So don't panic if there is an Error Index Coverage on your webmaster tools.

If you want to know more about index coverage status, you can visit the official google page: Index Coverage status Report.

Similarly, How to Overcome Error Index Coverage in Webmaster Tools, hopefully can provide lessons and useful for you. That is all and thank you.


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