HOW TO KNOW THE KIND OF BABY IN PREGNANT | Signs of Pregnancy Girls Boys


HOW TO KNOW THE KIND OF BABY IN PREGNANT | Signs of Pregnancy Girls Boys

Monday, 14 October 2019


Guessing the sex of the baby from symptoms that can be seen from the behavior or body shape of pregnant women is sometimes exciting to be more surprised.

Although many assumptions have not been proven scientifically, but the average pregnant woman admits similar things. Regardless of true or not the guess. The most important thing is how pregnant women lead a healthy lifestyle and good pregnancy care so that the baby is born healthy, regardless of sex.

The following are common symptoms that indicate you are having a baby girl:

More beautiful and bright

Maybe you have often heard if a pregnant woman who looks beautiful and bright, it can be presumed she is pregnant with a baby girl.

Yes, in general a pregnant woman who has a baby girl tends to be more happy to pay attention to appearance.

Happy to look beautiful and weight will tend to rise more than when pregnant a boy.

An enlarged abdomen wider

Indeed there is no scientific evidence to confirm this. But based on the experiences experienced by many mothers and grandmothers, when pregnant with a baby girl, pregnant women will tend to be bigger and wider when they contain boys.

A wide and enlarged abdomen usually begins to appear in the sixth month. Pregnant women tend to gain weight almost everywhere. Your hips will swell, so will your thighs and face.

No natural nausea and morning sickness

Nausea and morning sickness are normal symptoms in a pregnancy. But if you don't experience it, besides being lucky, it could be because you are carrying a baby girl.

Some women even stated that they almost did not feel like they were pregnant if it wasn't for a bulging stomach.

Sweet cravings

Do you agree with that? If yes, in fact it has not been studied based on science.

But what is clearly evident, cravings or want a moment of pregnancy is more due to a natural thing from the body that "bills" the intake of certain nutrients that the body feels the intake requires.

If many experience sweet cravings and give birth to baby girls, fetuses could be baby girls need nutrients from sweet foods.

Heart rate

If when carrying out routine pregnancy care and examination routines the doctor records consistently the heart rate of the baby fluctuates from time to time above 140 bpm, then you are most likely to have a baby girl.

The following are common symptoms that indicate that you are pregnant with a baby boy:

More nausea and natural morning sickness

In the pregnancy of a baby girl, more pregnant women who claim like they are not pregnant with a baby because they do not feel nausea or morning sickness. But if it contains a baby boy what happens is the opposite.

Pregnant women who contain male babies are more often claimed to experience nausea and vomiting. The worst morning sickness is experienced in the first trimester. Pregnant women will tend to be indifferent with a messy appearance.

Large belly oval forward

Yes, if when pregnant with a woman, pregnant women tend to experience fat in many limbs, not so when conceiving a baby boy.

The stomach is the same size when carrying a baby girl, but when carrying a baby boy will be more inclined forward. Even when viewed from behind like not being pregnant, because the body tends not to be seen widening.

Weight gain is not much

When pregnant with a baby boy, most pregnant women do not gain weight that is quite drastic.


Unlike when pregnant with a girl. A pregnant woman who is pregnant with a boy tends to be more indifferent to his appearance. This could be due to frequent nausea and vomiting.

Food cravings taste sour

Wanting food is a normal thing for pregnancy. This is a natural way for the body to complete its nutritional needs. Although it has not been scientifically proven, the sour taste that many pregnant women look for when conceiving a baby boy could be because male fetuses replenish nutrients from sour taste foods.