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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

How to Know the Interests and Talents of a Baby?

How do parents know the interests and talents of children?

Parents must explore the interests and talents of the child. How, by involving him in various activities outside of school.

For example, counting activities, drawing, music, sports, dancing, and other activities. Now, from these activities, parents must pay attention to whether your child is happy and comfortable to follow. If your child looks interested in these activities, maybe he has an interest and talent in the field.

Parents can find out and develop their children's talents early on. For example, began exploration of activities for children.

Starting from art such as music, drawing, dance, or literacy. You can also find out the talents of children through sports, counting, or cooking. This can be adjusted to the age of child development.

If you already know the talents of children, is it necessary to enroll the child in tutoring?

If you already know the interests and talents of children, parents may enroll the child in special activities. Parents can also invite and explore themselves with activities at home. This depends on the choice of parents and the condition of each child.

We recommend that if you have discovered the talent of children, wait a few weeks before you enter your child to the course or tutoring. The reason is, small children usually tend to try first the activities provided by their parents.

What else can parents do to hone their children's talents and interests?

In addition to involving him in certain courses or tutoring, parents can also do various activities at home. For example, starting from inviting children to dance, sing, draw, exercise, and other things that children enjoy. Parents can look for inspirational activities in magazines or from the internet.

For example, for the interests and talents of dancing children can begin to be sharpened by inviting children to see videos of dancing at home. As for the example if a child likes soccer, parents can teach children to play soccer right on the field or home page.
Can parents impose their interests and talents on children?

Basically, interest cannot be forced. However, children's interests can be directed to a positive activity or activity through the direction of parents. Interest is also a matter that tends to depend on the child's preference.

But to direct the child's talent, there is a learning process or called modeling. That is, children will model the activities of their parents and this might be of interest to the child in the future.

Are there tips to maximize the interests and talents of children?

There are a few tips to maximize the interests and talents of children. First, let the child try various activities, do not be limited. Second, parents can give praise and proper direction when children try something new.

Third, avoid negative words. For example when he shows the picture, then you react "not good, ah .." or "ah, that's just it ...". Avoid these words.

Choose words or comments that encourage the child, for example "Wow, good adek pictures, even better if the color does not come out of line, dear ...".

The age of the child is basically finding out what he likes and dislikes, which he is capable of and does not, so that his interests may tend to change. Parents are advised to direct and facilitate the interests and talents of children, not to limit or impose.


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